Welcome to Valley Organics Workers' Co-op

Valley Organics Worker’s Co-op specialises in local, ethical and organic fruit, vegetables and wholefoods. When we are not restricted by COVID guidelines, we also offer unpackaged products for customers to fill into their own containers.  As well as our shop on Market Street, we have an organic veg box delivery service and most recently, an online shop.

Our members and employees come from a range of backgrounds, including organic farming, business development and community work. What we all have in common is a passion for supporting local growers and producers, reducing food miles and helping the local economy. We sell a range of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and lots of other produce, made right here in the Calder Valley. Valley Organics has almost twenty years’ experience in providing healthy, organic and ethically sourced food. We run our business in a value-driven way, through co-operative decision making and an equal pay scheme.




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