About Us

Valley Organics

In the spring of 2013, the owners of Valley Organics decided to sell their business. The four shop workers plus two others put together their savings, with help from friends and relatives. We issued loan stock for more funding, and with help from Co-operatives UK and a loan from ICOF, we bought the business and established a Workers' Co-op.

The shop has continued to thrive and promote eating and growing good local food. We now open longer hours and have two workers in the shop at all times.



Our members, probationary members & employees

There are currently seven members: Alex, Alfie, Ben, ellie, Isy, Julie, Zara...

two probationary members: Katie & Lorraine...

eighteen employees: Adele, Alan, Alice, Annabelle, Aubrey, Beth, Darren, Ingrid, Kerry, Liz, Luke, Naomi, Rachel, Raquel, Rose, Sarah, Sean & Sophie...

& three retired members who help out occasionally, Mike, Penny A & Penny G. 

Our aims are to:

  • provide good quality, ethically sourced organic produce that you can trust
  • promote healthy, raw ingredients
  • reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible
  • promote local food, support the local economy and reduce food miles
  • support producers who are changing food systems for the better
  • increase understanding of the issues around food production
  • pay ourselves a living wage
  • be a positive example of a workers' co-op and support other local co-ops
  • develop and implement a clear ethical policy
  • bring some fun into buying food!

Contact us

Where are we?

16 Market Street Hebden Bridge HX7 6AA (wholefoods, fruit & veg)
31 Market Street Hebden Bridge HX7 6EU (zero waste loose goods)
Our shops are near the centre of the town, about ten
minutes' walk from Hebden Bridge station.

Email: valleyvegbox@gmail.com

Phone: 01422 846651