Early English Apples Have Arrived!

…and they have been flying out the door in bulging paper bags, grasped by beaming fruit enthusiasts.

Discovery - the Beaujolais Noveau of apples (its appeal is entirely down to being fresh and new)
Lena - a slightly tart, crunchy green apple, with flushes of red. It makes a lovely crumble or sauce and is popular with people who like Granny Smiths.

George Cave - acidic and zingy and a stronger more intense flavour than other earlies 

Scrumptious - Rosy red, it gets its sweetness from Golden Delicious, but there are also the fresh strawberry flavours from Worcester Pearmain and Discovery.

Grenadier cookers - not the most attractive of apples - it is a lumpen green, often with a pronounced ribbed effect. However, this ugliness is transformed in the pot, where it easily cooks down to cream-coloured puree with a superb apple flavour. 

Worcester Pearmain - It's main claim to fame is the strawberry flavour, although the intensity of this is quite variable. 

Laxtons Epicure - fantastically juicy, richly aromatic.