New flavours - Julie's nutroasts

All our nut roasts are now PEANUT-FREE, vegan, gluten-free. All are available in two sizes:
300g serves 2-3 people £5.50
600g serves 4-6 people £11
Find them in our freezer.
The two new ones are:
Oak-smoked sun-dried tomato
A herby cashew-based nut roast with oak-smoked Isle of Wight grown tomatoes, the three colours of our wonderful rainbow carrots, seasoned with oregano,  basil and paprika. We've had many lovely comments from customers about this one.
Chestnut, Watercress & Quinoa
A new peanut-free version of an old favourite, now with even more chestnuts and nutty uk grown Hodmedods whole grain quinoa, with a hint of Julie's peppery Hebden grown watercress. Delicious!
Cashew and Redcurrant 
Packed with cashews, with a hint of redcurrant, this has been our bestselling nut roast for 3 years now.