Bioreal Organic Yeast

Non-organic yeast is made using chemicals and produces polluted waste water. You can read a more detailed explanation of the difference between the production of organic and non-organic yeast here. Some would say the best way to make bread is with naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria (sourdough starter), but if you choose to use 'baker's yeast', go organic! A box of 5 x 9g sachets of Bioreal organic yeast costs £3.29.  It is pictured here with the marvellous Bacheldre Mill stoneground flours.  They are £2.49 for 1.5kg. There are several advantages to stone-ground wheat flour. The endosperm, bran, and germ remain in their natural, original proportions. Because the stones grind slowly, the wheat germ is not exposed to excessive temperatures.

organic yeast