Valley Dramatics Co-op

Now and again, in amongst the daily humdrum of hummus, summer squash and quinoa flake sales, Valley Organics Co-op gets all gripping. 

Why, only last week, Kerry lost her wedding ring.  Nothing was gripping about that you might say. A slippery customer indeed.  (We don’t get many of those of course.) But, she was understandably upset and entreated us all, "Please find my ring, that surely lieth here within these hallowed wholefood walls".

Some of us checked the ends of the carrots.  Others headed straight for the chocolate shelves, knowing this to be the area Kerry most likes to rummage in, and began trashing it in search of the golden prize, Willy Wonka style.  Another person immediately dismantled Hettie the hoover and plunged a sharp knife deep into the bowels of the bulging paper sack and thrust their hand in like a some crazed surgeon searching for the missing band of metal.  It was all to no avail.  Kerry mostly stayed in her house, sobbing.  She found the strength to come out to pack veg boxes on Tuesday morning but her shoulders were hunched and a small grey cloud followed her wherever she walked, threatening to soak the fruit boxes beneath at any moment.

But, then, enter shop left, Lili with her marigolds and lust for clean surfaces.  Down on her hands and knees, she scrubbed the counter and tidied the myriad objects that sit under it.  Nestled at the bottom of a box of 9 calorie pasta packs, something shiny twinkled at her.  At first she thought it was simply her halo glistening and reflecting in the cellophane but then she realised it was..


Here is the moment Lili told Kerry the news.

Lili proposed and Kerry said yes and now it’s all complicated and awkward.

It turns out, Kerry had asked a friend to dowse for her ring.  The friend dowsed remotely for it with just a map of the shop and said she thought the ring was under the counter.  Remarkable!

So, a happy ending and the fun is over.  It’s back to the daily grind of date checking the dates and dusting the binbags, until, the next exciting episode of Valley Dramatics! (which we'll put on the Youtube channel of course.  It'll be like Acorn Antiques, all over)