SESI Refills are back

Valley Organics is pleased to announce that we can refill all your detergent needs from SESI, our supplier in Oxfordshire. SESI not only provides us with 20 litre drums of products so you can refill your plastic bottle, but they take the drums away to refill when they are empty - closed loop recycling!
At the moment we will refill your container for you, so when you come in to shop, please hand your container(s) to a member of staff, so that we have time to refill whilst you shop. When the shop is very busy, we may have to ask you to come back later to collect and pay for your refill.
Please see the SESI website for info and a full list of ingredients of each product. We are currently stocking 14 of their products, including Castille soap, at very affordable prices.

SESI Refill prices
price per kg
all purpose cleaner £2.82
laundry liquid - nonbio £2.52
laundry liquid – bio £3.55
fabric conditioner £1.91
toilet cleaner £2.51
white vinegar £1.20
cream cleaner £3.62
washing up liquid - unfrag £2.12
hand soap - fig £4.83
hand soap - english rose £4.83
castille soap £6.53
laundry powder £4.83
dishwasher powder £4.32
bicarb for cleaning £1.82
Bio-D washing up liquid £2.41
empty bottle (with cap) - 1litre 79p
empty bottle (with cap) - 500ml 69p
trigger spray converter 80p