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Product nameCategory
Almonds whole 500g £9.30Larder
Better Bred Brown £2.80Bakery
Better Bred White £2.80Bakery
BioD Laundry Bleach £1.64Household Products
BioD laundry liquid 1L £4.49Household Products
BioD washing powder £3.50Household Products
BioD washing up liquid £1.72Household Products
Bran sticks 250g £1.65Larder
Brazil nuts 125g £3.93Larder
Brown Sauce £2.26Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Calon Wen Butter lightly saltd £3.19Chilled & Eggs
Calon Wen Butter unsalted £3.29Chilled & Eggs
Campo Balsamic Vinegar 500ml £3.19Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Clearspring Rice Cakes unsalted £0.99Larder
Clearspring Wakame £5.29Larder
Cornish Seaweed Co. Dulse £3.50Larder
Cornish Seaweed Co. Kelp £4.79Larder
Cragg Vale Crusty £2.80Bakery
Doves Farm quick yeast £1.19Bakery
Doves plain white flour 1kg £1.41Larder
Doves self raising white flour 1kg £1.45Larder
Dr Martins Coconut Milk 1L £2.62Drinks
Dried Apricots 250g £2.15Larder
Dried Apricots 500g Infinity £3.23Larder
Ecoleaf dishwasher tablets £4.16Household Products
Ecoleaf toilet roll 4 pack £2.15Household Products
Ecoleaf toilet roll 9 pack £3.96Household Products
Ecoleaf washing up liquid 1Litre £2.04Household Products
Eggs, loose £1.80Chilled & Eggs
Eggs £2.10Chilled & Eggs
Equal Exchange Chocolate £2.33Biscuits & Snacks
Essential Jackfruit £2.99Larder
Essential Sunflower oil 500ml £2.99Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Fish 4 Ever mackerel in spring water £1.85Larder
Fish 4 Ever salmon £4.50Larder
Fish 4 Ever skipjack tuna chunks £2.05Larder
Goats Milk Yoghurt £2.99Chilled & Eggs
Ground cloves £2.30Herbs and spices
Ground cumin £0.99Herbs and spices
Hazelnuts 250g £4.00Larder
Hodmedods Naked Barley Flakes £1.88Larder
Infinity Brazil nuts 500g £14.34Larder
Infinity Hazelnuts 500g £7.69Larder
Infinity Linseeds 250g £1.18Larder
Infinity brown basmati rice 1kg £3.39Rice, Pasta & Pulses
Infinity currants 500g £4.43Larder
Infinity dates 500g £3.41Larder
Infinity dried figs 500g £4.80Larder
Infinity mixed nuts 500g £7.85Larder
Infinity mustard seeds £0.99Herbs and spices
Infinity organic sunflower seeds 250g £1.07Larder
Infinity prunes 500g £6.95Larder
Infinity raisins 500g £2.75Larder
Juicing Box £14.00Fruit boxes
Jumbo porridge oats 1kg £2.52Larder
Jumbo porridge oats 800g Pimhill £2.39Larder
Large Fruit £18.00Fruit boxes
Large Veg £23.00Veg Boxes
Leagrams Wensleydale £3.95Cheeses
Leagrams mature cheddar cheese £4.05Cheeses
Local Box £10.00Veg Boxes
Lye Cross medium mature cheddar cheese £3.50Cheeses
Marigold Engevita Yeast Flakes with B12 £3.40Larder
Marigold bouillon stock cubes £1.29Larder
Medium Fruit £12.00Fruit boxes
Medium Veg £18.00Veg Boxes
Mixed box £13.00Veg Boxes
Mytholmroyd Maslin £2.80Bakery
Natural Cool frozen strawberries £3.49Chilled & Eggs
Nutcrafter Bettah than Buttah cashew spread £4.50Chilled & Eggs
Oakwood apple juice 1 litre £2.67Drinks
Organic green cardamom 10g £1.65Herbs and spices
Organic ground cinnamon 30g £0.99Herbs and spices
Organic ground coriander 30g £0.99Herbs and spices
Organic ground ginger 30g £0.99Herbs and spices
Organico Olive Oil, extra virgin 500ml £6.35Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Parsley £1.44Herbs and spices
Pauls Tofu (approx 220g) £1.75Chilled & Eggs
Pextenement Devils Rock cheese wedge £2.30Cheeses
Pextenement Pikes Delight £2.50Cheeses
Prewetts ground flaxseed £2.45Larder
Royd Rye £2.80Bakery
Rude Health Cashew Drink £3.49Drinks
Rude Health Hazelnut Drink £2.99Drinks
Rude Health Hazelnut and Cacao Drink £3.49Drinks
Rude Health Tiger Nut Drink £2.99Drinks
Salad leaves bag £1.80Salad
Sesame seeds 250g £1.57Larder
Skimmed milk £0.65Chilled & Eggs
Small Salad box £12.00Veg Boxes
Small Veg £12.00Veg Boxes
Small fruit £8.00Fruit boxes
Spelt Pitta bread £1.95Bakery
Sultanas 500g £2.48Larder
Suma Pine Kernels 125g £4.75Larder
Suma Tomato puree £1.29Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Suma balsamic vinegar 250ml £4.99Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Suma bolognese sauce 340g £1.75Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Suma culinary coconut oil 650g £5.95Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Suma wholewheat fusilli pasta 500g £1.39Rice, Pasta & Pulses
Sunita Orange juice £4.31Drinks
Tamari soy sauce 500ml £9.29Oils, Pesto & Sauces
Trapani Salt £2.25Larder
Walnut halves 250g £4.60Larder
Whole milk £0.65Chilled & Eggs
Whole nutmeg £0.99Herbs and spices
Yeo Valley Greek style Yoghurt 500g £1.99Chilled & Eggs
Yeo Valley Plain Yoghurt 500g £1.75Chilled & Eggs
Yeo Valley salted butter 250g £2.75Chilled & Eggs
Yeo Valley unsalted butter 250g £2.75Chilled & Eggs
rolled oats 500g £1.32Larder