Veg Boxes & Extras

We will be gradually expanding the range of items available online to add to your veg box. Please let us know if there is an item you would like in your box that is not currently listed.

Please note that due to weather and seasonal variations, what we can offer will change, and prices may go up or down.

Picture of Veg Boxes

Select your box size and delivery frequency.

Picture of Fruit Boxes

Our fruit boxes include a range of seasonal UK fruits and some imported fruits.

Picture of Extra Fruit and Veg

Top up your veg or fruit box if you're feeling extra hungry.

Picture of Bakery

Add a delicious local loaf to your veg or fruit box. From Saker in Todmorden.

Picture of Milk & Eggs

Add milk and eggs to your veg or fruit box.

Picture of Larder

Add selected items to your veg box.  For a wider range, add anything from: