22 Aug 2018
Now and again, in amongst the daily humdrum of hummus, summer squash and quinoa flake sales, Valley Organics Co-op gets all gripping.  Why, only last week, Kerry lost her wedding ring.  Nothing was gripping about that you might say. A slippery customer indeed.  (We don’t get many...
22 Jul 2018
Calling all veg box customers - we're now on holiday for two weeks so the next deliveries of veg and fruit boxes will be August 7th and 8th.  See you after the break!
YouTube channel
28 Jun 2018
Evening! We've just started a YouTube channel where we plan to share clips of our Co-op life and material from others about Co-ops and food issues.  We start by adding some clips from our 5th birthday celebration and, during Co-ops fortnight, a short film celebrating Co-operation, published by...
5th birthday cake
16 Jun 2018
We just turned five.  Where has the time gone?  Five years a Co-op.  Well I never. Members and workers have come and gone, customers have moved away and new ones arrived and discovered us. Water has tested us. The price of bananas has stayed the same.  Co-operation...
30 Mar 2018
Non-organic yeast is made using chemicals and produces polluted waste water. You can read a more detailed explanation of the difference between the production of organic and non-organic yeast here. Some would say the best way to make bread is with naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria (sourdough...
26 Mar 2018
We've been supporting The Ocean Cleanup for a couple of years now.  Every time we give out a plastic carrier bag, we ask that 5p be donated into their donation tin on our counter.  We recently sent them €370.  You can read more about the pioneering work they are doing to help rid the...
vegan fayre logo
06 Jan 2018
To kick off our new year, we're celebrating Veganuary. And to mark it, we're supporting the first Hebden Bridge Vegan Fayre at the Town Hall on Sunday 7th January between 1000 and 1700 and offering all Fayre goers a voucher for 10% off a shop with us during January.  Are you intrigued by...
infinity choc buttons
19 Dec 2017
These are the best chocolate buttons we've ever tried... Infinity Belgian dark chocolate buttons. 200g, £4.45 Available in dark (73%) or mixed dark, milk & white.
10 Dec 2017
All our nut roasts are now PEANUT-FREE, vegan, gluten-free. All are available in two sizes: 300g serves 2-3 people £5.50 600g serves 4-6 people £11 Find them in our freezer. The two new ones are: Oak-smoked sun-dried tomato A herby cashew-based nut roast with oak-smoked Isle of Wight grown...
Montezumas Christmas hot choc
20 Nov 2017
We've a few select goodies in for the festive period... In the hot beverages department, we have.. Montezuma's Christmas Ginger & Orange Drinking Chocolate, price £6.99 Yogi Christmas Tea, price £2.39 Julie has been busy preparing nutroasts so there will be plenty in the...