infinity choc buttons
19 Dec 2017
These are the best chocolate buttons we've ever tried... Infinity Belgian dark chocolate buttons. 200g, £4.45 Available in dark (73%) or mixed dark, milk & white.
10 Dec 2017
All our nut roasts are now PEANUT-FREE, vegan, gluten-free. All are available in two sizes: 300g serves 2-3 people £5.50 600g serves 4-6 people £11 Find them in our freezer. The two new ones are: Oak-smoked sun-dried tomato A herby cashew-based nut roast with oak-smoked Isle of Wight grown...
Montezumas Christmas hot choc
20 Nov 2017
We've a few select goodies in for the festive period... In the hot beverages department, we have.. Montezuma's Christmas Ginger & Orange Drinking Chocolate, price £6.99 Yogi Christmas Tea, price £2.39 Julie has been busy preparing nutroasts so there will be plenty in the...
13 Nov 2017
Ho Ho Ho.. Opening days and hours Sunday 24th December - Open 0930 Close 1600 Monday 25th December and Tuesday 26th December - Closed Wednesday 27th December to Friday 29th December - Open 1000 Close 1800 Saturday 30th December - Open 0930 Close 1730 Sunday 31st December - Open...
04 Oct 2017
Sweet, tart, juicy, aromatic, tangy, crisp, cidery... No, it's not the Valley Organics Member Sock Festival, its... Our annual celebration of the British organic apple, and it is nearly upon us!  Come and experience over 20 different apples including several locally grown varieties...
24 Sep 2017
When is all this happening then? It's next weekend That's all very well, but when will you open again? Have you got a lovely poster that I can print and pin up in my kitchen to remind me of all this? Yes Back to the Future eh? Does this mean you'll be selling time...
veg box hols
19 Aug 2017
We're refreshed from our annual veg box holiday and ready to deliver to you this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thanks to all of you who signed up to GoCardless during the break.  Your £10 reward will be made as a refund after we've delivered your next box
fridge moved from Valley Organics Co-op
17 Jul 2017
At 9.30am this morning, Matt and his sidekick started bashing down our shop, laughing like evil geniuses... we made a hasty retreat to the sanctuary that is Salem Mill basement... and began to cobble together a makeshift food outlet.. We opened at 10.00am.  Not bad...
27 Jun 2017
We have decorated a tree to be part of 2017's Hebden Bridge tree trail. This year's theme is water so we have made our tree into a garden, with strawberries and courgettes suspended from its branches, and other veggies around the base, all watered by raindrops cut from our used refill containers (...
26 Jun 2017
WHY DO WE NEED A PEOPLE'S FOOD POLICY?   We do not currently have a national food and farming plan, policy or legislative framework that integrates the compartmentalised policy realms of food production, health, labour rights, land use and planning, trade, the environment,...